Men of the world, rise up! Your time for theatrical payback has come. Comedian Richard Herring is developing a new show, called Talking Cock, that intends to really unzip the male genitalia. Why? Says Herring: "Whilst women celebrate their sexuality in worldwide smash The Vagina Monologues, men are twisting their genitals into the shape of hamburgers in The Puppetry of the Penis. Isn't it time for the twisting to stop and the schlong celebration to begin? Isn't it time for a Vagina Monologues with balls?!" To further this aim, Herring has launched an Internet appeal, inviting men and women to contribute stories, poetry and other thoughts on the matter at (There's a nifty questionnaire on the site!) Over the next few months, Talking Cock - also performed by Herring, whose previous shows include Christ on a Bike - will evolve in front of live audiences at various pub gigs, with a proper debut in August at the Pleasance Theatre as part of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Amongst other questions, Herring promises to answer the really important ones, such as: "Is size important, and if not, why are there no two-inch, pencil-thin vibrators?" and "What can you do when getting harder is getting harder?"