The first thing American actress Kathleen Chalfant will do after her West End debut in Wit ends on July 29 is to grow her hair back. She originally created the role of Dr. Vivian Bearing, an English professor dying of cancer, at the Long Wharf Theater, Off Broadway, where the show is still running. “I m tired of being bald”, she said, in an interview for Theatermania, in which she also stressed the importance of the text for any actor. “The character and the emotion and the music of a well written play lies in the text. As an actor, your job is to find the playwright s voice, not bend it to your own voice. The bias in America is that, if you get the emotional truth of a play, you don t need to be quite so rigorous about the text. I think that s a pity. It s terrible when you lose the subtlety of language. That s part of the beauty of the experience.” The cast at at the Vaudeville includes Jaye Griffiths, Ed Stoppard, Irene Sutcliffe and Malcolm Tierney.