Get down to Trafalgar Studios quick. Not only is it the last week to see Harry Burton’s hit production of Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter, starring Lee Evans and Jason Isaacs, it's also the last week to see painter Amy Shuckburgh's colourful portrait of the Nobel Prize-winning playwright before it's transported to Leeds University for the four-day "Fifty Years of Performing Pinter" conference (14 to 17 April 2007). You’ll have to queue for returns for the former, but you can admire the latter with no waiting and no charge. Produced during a series of sittings, Shuckburgh's “Harold Pinter, 2006” captures Pinter’s directness and humour in vivid colours in pastel and acrylic on wood. Postcards are available from the theatre, and you can also sneak a peek at the painting on the artist's website. The play finishes this Saturday (24 March).