Warren Bacci's What Happened Last Night opens tonight, 20 March 2003 (preview 19 March), at London's Pleasance Theatre, where it continues to 19 April. The controversial production - which includes a gay rape - comes to the Pleasance following a sell-out run in spring 2002 at the Courtyard Theatre.

Billed as a comic thriller that "explores and challenges our expectations of contemporary youth culture", What Happened Last Night centres on Chris Jackson and Sarah Collins. Each has issues of heir own - not to mention friends, family and futures that seem all but certain. Over the space of one night, their lives are catapulted together in a hedonistic mix of clubbing, drugs, sex and murder.

What Happened Last Night is the first play by Bacci, who also stars and produces. The thriller, directed by Elgiva Field, is the first major theatre project by WB Productions, whose aim is produce new work for theatre and film.

- by Terri Paddock