It seems the Olivier judging panel aren't the only ones to have fallen in love with Our House, this year's Best New Musical winner, with an original story by Tim Firth fashioned around the songs of Madness. Today's Daily Star reports that Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, inspired by (what else?!) the enormous success of Chicago, wants to make the West End stage show into a big-budget movie musical. Spielberg says, "I am a massive fan of the band. I think the world needs more feel-good films." Although we love Our House, it seems a somewhat risky move for the market in the US, where, in the 1980s, Madness had a comparatively small cult following compared to their broad fan base in this country. Nevertheless, spurred on by Chicago's Oscars and many other awards, talk of myriad stage-to-screen musicals continues apace (See The Goss, 21 Jan 2003). Meanwhile, back at the Cambridge, we hear further word that having had so much fun on stage earlier this month, Madness lead singer Suggs may indeed be returning to play the part of Joe's Father for a longer stint (See The Goss, 18 Mar 2003).