When the stars turned out to help Ken Livingstone launch this year's "Get into London Theatre" campaign, the mayor vowed to make the cheap tickets scheme - originally launched last year to help alleviate the post-911 slump in trade - an annual feature on the arts calendar (See News, 15 Jan 2003). However, a report released today by the London Assembly's Culture Committee may put a spanner in the works. The mayor's office stumped up £350,000 to lower ticket prices to £10, £15 and £20 for some 70 London productions over two months from mid-January, with the express purpose of luring in new audiences, particularly young people and ethnic minorities. However, today's report found that only 17 out of every 1,000 tickets sold as part of the promotion were bought by first-time theatregoers, whereas nearly half were scooped up by people who already go to the theatre at least once a month. As for attracting ethnic groups, only 1.6% of the tickets were bought by black people, 4.5% by Chinese and 6.6% by Asians. In light of the findings, Culture Committee chairwoman Meg Hillier criticised the campaign's "woolly objectives" and "questionable claims of success" and said a "fundamental re-examination" was necessary for any future promotions.