Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law. Stars of the big screen are converging on the London stage once again. And the National Theatre is not to be outdone. In addition to Glenn Close (due to appear in A Streetcar Named Desire) and Nicole Kidman (still rumoured to be considering The Lady from the Sea), screen stars Ralph Fiennes and Saffron Burrows are now said to be lined up for NT productions later in the year. Burrows, last seen in the film Enigma, is expected to join Fiona Shaw on the Lyttelton stage in May in Deborah Warner's production of Powerbook, based on the novel by Jeannette Winterson. Fiennes - who has returned regularly to the stage, most notably in recent years with the Almeida's Shakespeare in Shoreditch - is due to star as psychiatrist Carl Jung in a new Christopher Hampton play entitled The Talking Cure, which will be directed by Howard Davies at the Cottesloe in December. After that at some point, Fiennes has also pledged a return to the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he regularly worked early in his career.