Christian Slater - who’d just flown in from Los Angeles yesterday with Alex Kingston, his soon-to-be co-star in the West End return of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest - was one of the many stars presenting awards at last night’s 30th annual Laurence Olivier Awards (See News, 26 Feb 2006). But he was the only one sporting a baseball cap with his black tie ensemble. Prior to presenting the prize for Best Actress in a Musical to Guys and DollsJane Krakowski he apologised for his attire but then threw caution to the wind by removing the hat and proving that he did indeed have “a funny hairline thing going”. Apparently, the actor is sporting the style – shaved in front, with a streak of orange dye – for his new movie Bobby, which he’s just completed shooting on. hears that producer Nica Burns isn’t too keen for Slater to retain the look when he reprises his performance as RP McMurphy in Cuckoo’s Nest next month. He may opt to shave all his hair off to even things out.