According to some media reports this morning, James Lomas, George Maguire and Liam Mower – who originated the title role in Billy Elliot - last night broke Laurence Olivier history by becoming the first performers to share the award for Best Actor in a Musical (See News, 26 Feb 2006). But you only need to go back seven years to realise that’s not true. In 1999, the entire South African cast of Kat and the Kings won the same award – which must have been something of a shock for the female members of the company (See News, 12 Feb 1999). Nevertheless, it is correct that 15-year-olds Loman and Maguire and 13-year-old Mower are the youngest recipients of the prize. And besides, whether breaking records or not, the win was a well deserved – and a heartily celebrated – one. The boys danced, sang and cheered their success and, in a star-studded evening, were probably the most photographed of all of the Olivier guests. Late in the night, the three were still running around the media room for snappers and offering kisses to all the ladies present. The female members of the staff present have yet to wash their cheeks.