Germans aren’t exactly renowned for their humour, nor for their receptiveness to reminders of their Nazi past. In which case, some might expect that a German production of Mel Brooks’ The Producers could well turn out to be the sure-fire flop that its fictional characters Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom hoped their creation Springtime for Hitler would be. Speaking at today’s press conference at the West End’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Brooks himself singled out the show’s auditions for the right Hitler as one of the funniest scenes. But even he isn’t convinced Germans will agree. He has been approached by a German theatre company who would like to put the musical on in Berlin, but he’s asked them first to send a delegation of 25 ‘Krauts’ of varying ages and backgrounds to see The Producers in New York next month. If they don’t walk out, a Berlin premiere may well go ahead. Alternatively, Brooks may want to update the piece and its offensiveness quotient. One journalist suggested “Springtime for Osama”, which Brooks pronounced a “good idea” and promised a ten percent cut if it takes off.