In her high-profile "comeback" tour last year, daughter of Judy Garland, and an American diva in her own right, Liza Minnelli caused a bit of an uproar by allegedly miming at some point during her performances at the Royal Albert Hall. We assume that miming isn't the norm in Liza! With Love, billed as an "affectionate salute to one of showbusiness' greatest performers", otherwise known as the "simply marvellous" Minnelli. The cabaret-style show features hit Minnelli songs such as "Some People", "But the World Goes Round" and, of course, "Cabaret". Previously presented at London's Rosemary Branch Theatre in June 2002, the show returns this weekend for two performances only (28 February & 1 March) at the King's Head, though further dates and a transfer to this year's Edinburgh Fringe are planned. Fans of Liza (with a 'Z') should love it. Liza! With Love is performed by Liz (without an 'A') Flint, who promises not to mime.