The Royal National Theatre becomes the courtroom of the UN War Crimes Tribunal next month when it brings Bosnian baddies General Mladic and Dr Karadzic to trial for mass genocide. Srebrenica is based on original transcripts from the trial at The Hague in July 1996. The production, edited and directed by Nicholas Kent, artistic director of the Tricycle Theatre, will be presented on four occasions in November as part of the National s ongoing Platforms programme. The matinee on Wednesday, 12 November will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown; MP and former war correspondent Martin Bell; assistant prosecutor of the Tribunal Terree A. Bowers; and reporter Ed Vuillamy whose prize-winning coverage for The Observer exposed many of the Bosnian war s worst atrocities. Call the National Theatre Box Office on 0171 928 2252 for further information.