Serial twitterer Gok Wan has revealed his ambitions to design the costumes for an opera later this year - a project he dubs 'Gokera'.

Writing on Twitter recently, Wan, best known for his Channel 4 series How to Look Good Naked, revealed he had switched from watching E4 teen comedy Glee to a "documentary on the opera Carmen". Minutes later, the plan was hatched: "Just added another 'must do' to my 2010 list... I wanna design the costumes for an opera!"

He's even started sounding out casting possibilities - he 'tweeted' pop singer Dannii Minogue with the message "Dolly will you play the lead in my Gokera? It will be the best dressed show!!!". Minutes later the antipodean songstress replied: "Yes ... I want my own Gokera!"

Now it just remains to be seen which opera the dynamic duo go for - could we be in for Turangok? Or perhaps Dannii Giovanni? Watch this space...