The hitherto silent Richard Dreyfuss has at last revealed his thoughts about his swift and unceremonious departure from the London production of The Producers (See News, 19 Oct 2004). Just days before he was due to open in the show Dreyfuss was replaced (by Nathan Lane) after he warned audiences on TV's Frank Skinner Show his performance wouldn't be ready until after Christmas 2004 (despite the 9 November opening). The official statement claimed Dreyfuss' withdrawal was due to a recurrent shoulder injury, but in an interview in today's Guardian Dreyfuss claims that his bosses "decided my body couldn't do it much earlier than I did". Dreyfuss also had his doubts, "At a very late date, I wondered too if my body couldn't do it." Strangely, though, he still believes he would have been a success in the role, claiming "I would have won every award in Britain".