As part of a unique West End pricing strategy in line with the play’s theme, the roll of the dice can decide how much theatregoers pay for tickets to The Dice House, Paul Lucas’ black comedy inspired by Luke Rhinehart’s 1970s cult novel The Dice Man (See News, 23 Dec 2003 & 8 Jan 2004). You can either opt for one of the set-priced tickets or take a chance and roll six dice to determine your ‘Dice Price’ for the performance. Prices range from £6 to £36. According to the show producers, the odds dictate there’s only a 1 in 46,656 chance of paying the full price - or indeed the cheapest! The average price will be £21. (Apparently, the producers rolled the dice 200 times to ensure this, just in case.) Rhinehart himself will be rolling the dice with the audience at the West End’s Arts Theatre during the preview week (4 to 9 February 2004).