Jamie Muscato and Laura Jane Matthewson discuss Dogfight

Dogfight, which is directed by Matthew Ryan and produced by Danielle Tarento, runs from 8 - 13 September.

November 21, 1963. The night before their deployment to Vietnam, three young Marines set out for one final boys' night of debauchery. But when Corporal Eddie Birdlace meets Rose, the unassuming and idealistic waitress he enlists to win a cruel bet, she rewrites the rules of the game and opens his eyes to what really matters in life.

Heading the London cast in the central roles of Eddie and Rose are Jamie Muscato (The Light Princess, Les Miserables, Rock of Ages, Love Story and Spring Awakening) and Laura Jane Matthewson in her London stage debut in a starring role.

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Red Carpet

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