The Witch of Edmonton

Opened 23 Oct 2014
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In the village of Edmonton, Elizabeth Sawyer is derided by her neighbours. A poor and lonely old woman, she is ostracised, harassed and accused of being a witch. In her abject misery, she wishes that she really were bewitched and so able to wreak vengeance. Unluckily for Elizabeth and the villagers of Edmonton, someone with the power to grant that wish is listening. As Elizabeth uses her new found powers to seek revenge on those who have wronged her, other villagers find their own lives falling apart and an attempted elopement ends in murder. When witch and murderer are finally caught, the people of Edmonton must decide if either crime merits forgiveness.

Part of the Roaring Girls Season


The Witch of Edmonton (Swan Theatre, RSC) - 30 Oct 2014

First look at the cast of the RSC's Witch of Edmonton in action - 28 Oct 2014

Cast: RSC's Witch of Edmonton with Eileen Atkins, Park's Vertical Hour - 28 Aug 2014

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