As You Like It



Very good performances, espcially as noted those of Pippa Nixon and Alex Waldman. Slightly uneven pacing aside, the production work is excellent with imaginative staging and music. It's funny, touching and sexy too. Recommended.

Pippa Nixon outstanding as Rosalind, but the production is far too long and ponderous. There is an extended dance sequence at the end during which all the cast seemed to be enjoying themselves - shame we weren't! After nearly three and a half hours in the theatre we were willing it to end, and to be able to leave the theatre. Too much non-verbal, non-shakespeare action that had the effect of extending the play - worst of all was Touchstone coming out of character and bantering with an audience member about marriage, like a stand-up comedian - gruesome!

We saw it on 23 April - loved it like everyone else present including, it woudl seem, a large party of French students. Rosalind and Celia are really good as is Orlando and Touchstone. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and found it to be a fresh and vibrant production - suberb!