A Mad World, My Masters

Opened 6 Jun 2013
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London, Soho... 1956. Where glamour rubs up against filth, and likes it; where the posh mix with musicians, whores and racketeers; where 'virginity is no city trade', and where a dashingly impecunious bachelor in need of quick cash and a good time has to live on his wits. Turning con-man to fool his rich uncle, he variously becomes a lord, a high class call girl, and - God forbid - a poor actor. But a beautiful Soho tart is also on the scam: a whore to some, a religious instructor to others, and a debutante in need of an eligible bachelor to yet more...


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Cast: Headlong Seagull, RSC Mad World & Neilson's Narrative - 15 Mar 2013

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