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A Family Guide to the Orchestra (Northampton)
By Editorial Staff · 15 Jun 2010
What a partnership it is between the Royal & Derngate and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The band is the resident orchestra for R&D’s annual season of concerts, and this one-off afternoon per
The History Boys (Tour - Oxford)
By Simon Tavener · 15 Jun 2010
There was a palpable sense of anticipation in the auditorium as the near-capacity audience settled for this production (courtesy of the West Yorkshire Playhouse and Theatre Royal Bath). The set and ...
The Tempest (London & tour)
By Editorial Staff · 14 Jun 2010
If there are better settings for Shakespeare in London, it would be interesting to know where they are. As Gonzalo says early on in the play, “How lush and lusty the grass looks! how green!̶
OUDS 125th Anniversary Gala
By Simon Tavener · 14 Jun 2010
Gala events are all too frequently predictably dull affairs – under-rehearsed scenes interspersed with plodding narration or pleas for money. It is all credit to the Oxford University Dramatic S
Desert Boy (Tour - Birmingham)
By Editorial Staff · 11 Jun 2010
As Soldier Boy struggles for his life after being punctured by the sharp edge of a knife he encounters Desert Man, a strange yet familiar character of a by-gone era. Desert Man takes the boy on a ...
Wallop Mrs Cox (Birmingham)
By Editorial Staff · 10 Jun 2010
BMOS are a Birmingham based pro-amateur group which have established themselves over a period, in some form or another, of over 100 years based within the countries second city. Taking on a ...
Britain's Got Bhangra (Tour - Oxford)
By Editorial Staff · 9 Jun 2010
The Indian subcontinent seems to loom large in my reviewer’s mind right now after last week’s expedition to the North Wall for Correspondence. Tonight we are back at the Playhouse for Rifc
Horrible Science (Tour - Northampton)
By Simon Tavener · 8 Jun 2010
Horrible Science is a fun piece of educational theatre aimed directly at younger audiences – and so I sent along an 11 year old and a 9 year old (with their father) so that I got an ...
Laughter in the Rain (Tour - Milton Keynes)
By Editorial Staff · 8 Jun 2010
You might think, on the face of it, that there’s not a great deal of meaty material to be had from the Neil Sedaka story. The writer and producers of Laughter in the Rain appear to have come ...
Correspondence (The North Wall, Oxford)
By Editorial Staff · 7 Jun 2010
Performance art is a fantastically difficult art form to review in a fair manner, given the absence of the usual rules that determine how one is supposed to interpret and react to what is being ...