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Horrible Science (Tour - Northampton)
By Simon Tavener · 8 Jun 2010
Horrible Science is a fun piece of educational theatre aimed directly at younger audiences – and so I sent along an 11 year old and a 9 year old (with their father) so that I got an ...
Laughter in the Rain (Tour - Milton Keynes)
By Editorial Staff · 8 Jun 2010
You might think, on the face of it, that there’s not a great deal of meaty material to be had from the Neil Sedaka story. The writer and producers of Laughter in the Rain appear to have come ...
Correspondence (The North Wall, Oxford)
By Editorial Staff · 7 Jun 2010
Performance art is a fantastically difficult art form to review in a fair manner, given the absence of the usual rules that determine how one is supposed to interpret and react to what is being ...
Stepping Out (Tour - Milton Keynes)
By Editorial Staff · 7 Jun 2010
Sometimes you get the feeling that producers wheel out long-standing stars in revivals of once-successful shows just for the sake of it. Here’s a prime case in point: Anita Harris – who should ...
Oxford Student Drama - 125 Years On
By Editorial Staff · 6 Jun 2010
The Oxford University Dramatic Society is celebrating it's 125th birthday this year with a spectacular showcase of Oxford drama at the Oxford Playhouse at 6pm on Sunday 13th June. The show is open to ...
Salome (Tour - Oxford)
By Editorial Staff · 3 Jun 2010
It is plain even before the action begins that Headlong and Curve Theatres’ production of Salome is not intended to be comfortable viewing: the mood is set by a cacophony of background noise,...
Rent (O'Reilly Theatre, Oxford)
By Simon Tavener · 3 Jun 2010
It cannot be denied that the world of Musical Theatre lost a rising star when Jonathan Larsson passed away shortly after completing Rent. He brought a fresh voice to a jaded Broadway. We will never ...
SUS (Birmingham)
By Editorial Staff · 26 May 2010
Barrie Keeffe’s hard-hitting exploration of the a true life event concerning a falsely accused black man of his wife’s murder, and his mistreatment by police forces during his questioning,
The Producers (Oxford)
By Simon Tavener · 22 May 2010
Mel Brook’s The Producers succeeded on Broadway but fared less well when it eventually transferred to the West End – and so it is a brave amateur company who embarks on a production of ...
Noises Off (Birmingham)
By Editorial Staff · 20 May 2010
The genre of farce can be so overstated that the comedy becomes so far-fetched and over the top that a modern audience can struggle in finding its content more than ludicrous. In <i>Noises Off&l