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Molly Sweeney/Translations - Festival of Friel (Leicester)
By Editorial Staff
This celebration of Northern Irish lyricism and the sheer exuberance of language is a well-earned tribute to the 81-year-old Brian Friel, best known for his play Dancing at Lughnasa. On the fa
Dreamboats and Petticoats (Tour - Northampton)
By Editorial Staff
Being given free rein to plunder the back catalogue of Universal Music must have seemed like a dream come true to writing partnership Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran. The team behind TV production ...
RSC Unveils Theatres & Marks 50th Homecoming
By Terri Paddock
As the Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres in Stratford-upon-Avon reopen to the press today (23 November 2010), and the public tomorrow, "on time and on budget" following a three-and-a-half year &poun
WOS Radio: Edward Seckerson Talks to Janie Dee
By Edward Seckerson
The sound of Janie Dee warming up to "Hello Young Lovers" can be heard wafting across from one of the mezzanines in the stunning open-plan Curve Theatre in Leicester. It's meet-and-greet day for the
A Streetcar Named Desire (Oxford)
From what I have been told this production has broken box office records for a student show at the Oxford Playhouse – so there is very little hope of you reading this review and being able to see ...
Sunshine on Leith (Tour - Northampton)
By Editorial Staff
Rarely have I come across a show more desperate to be loved. From the jaunty spring in the dance captain’s every step to the rousing entreaties to join in the chanting final chorus of I’m Gonna ...
Don Giovanni (Tour - Milton Keynes)
By Editorial Staff
Jonathan Kent’s interpretation of Don Giovanni is powerfully conceived: fast-paced, darkly layered, and morally complex. The set exemplifies the shifting allegiances and moods of the opera. ...
The Big Fellah (Tour - Birmingham)
By Editorial Staff
Richard Bean’s The Big Fellah is a bloody and brutish account that manages to lead its audience through a troublesome and politically unstable subject whilst providing true insight, without ...
The Author (Tour - Birmingham)
By Editorial Staff
Tim Crouch’s new production is an immersive, interactive event which relies on the dynamics of an audience to steer both the scripted and improvised word. Seated in two banks facing one another ...
Ariadne auf Naxos (Tour - Birmingham and Oxford)
By Editorial Staff
Ariadne auf Naxos might seem a perverse sort of opera to choose to produce in these cash-strapped credit-crunch times. The plot turns on the whim of a super-rich patron for whom a firework ...