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Spend, Spend, Spend (Tour - Oxford)
By Simon Tavener · 6 Oct 2010
For a self-confessed fan of musicals, it is a rare treat to discover something new – and such is the case with Spend, Spend, Spend. The story of Viv, a woman who won a fortune on the Pools ...
An Oxford Murder
By Simon Tavener · 3 Oct 2010
Murder in the Cathedral is one of the most hotly anticipated productions in Oxford this autumn. Part of the Oxford Playhouse Plays Out project, it is a unique collaboration between ...
In the Penal Colony (Tour - Oxford)
By Editorial Staff · 2 Oct 2010
A setting of Kafka’s bleak short story by the godfather of minimalism was never going to make for an easy night at the theatre, but MTW’s In the Penal Colony is utterly absorbing, ...
Dolly (Leicester)
By Editorial Staff · 1 Oct 2010
Country and Western and cloning. Not the most usual combination of topics on which to base a musical I agree, but this is exactly what writer Andy Barrett and the New Perspectives Theatre Company ...
Twelfth Night (Tour - Nottingham)
By Editorial Staff · 30 Sep 2010
Paulette Randall’s new production takes Shakespeare’s funniest comedy and transplants it from the Italian coast to a more sultry South American setting. Her Brazilian Illyria is beautifully set ...
The Talented Mr Ripley (Northampton)
By Editorial Staff · 29 Sep 2010
Identity theft is a hot topic in the 21st-century world of electronic data and internet fraud. But it provides the central theme for Patricia Highsmith’s dark novel about a twisted young man who
Spamalot (Tour - Northampton)
By Editorial Staff · 29 Sep 2010
I just love this show. As one of those self-confessed anoraks who can recite vast chunks of Life of Brian or the Parrot Sketch with all the original vocal inflections, for me Eric Idle’s musical
Romeo and Juliet(Birmingham Royal Ballet)
By Editorial Staff · 29 Sep 2010
The core strength of this particular classic ballet lies in its narrative adapted from Shakespeare’s original text. Whilst some scenes are rushed through or complexities shortened, the essence of ...
Pointes of View (Birmingham Royal Ballet)
By Editorial Staff · 29 Sep 2010
In this latest triple bill from Birmingham Royal Ballet, under the umbrella of Pointes of View, my four stars must be awarded to the third and final piece of the repertoire, entitled ‘In
By Editorial Staff · 24 Sep 2010
Rupert Goold is quite literally the golden boy of theatre at present, and his smash hit of a production in Enron is a strong representation of his success in contemporary theatre. Goold uses h