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Brief Encounter with Chook Sibtain
By Simon Tavener · 17 Nov 2010
Chook Sibtain is about to play the lead role in the new production of The King and I at the Curve in Leicester. He very kindly agreed to answer a few questions about the role and his life as ...
The Merry Wives of Windsor (Tour - Milton Keynes)
By Editorial Staff · 17 Nov 2010
Christopher Luscombe’s glorious production of Shakespeare’s farce The Merry Wives of Windsor is full of brio and affection, utilising the conventions of physical comedy quite as much as th
Calendar Girls (Tour - Northampton)
By Editorial Staff · 17 Nov 2010
My mum was a stalwart of the WI for many years but I could never imagine her taking off her clothes to pose for a calendar! It was with this in mind that I went along to see the stage version of ...
Amy's View (Nottingham)
By Editorial Staff · 15 Nov 2010
"I think this is more a women's play than a man's," I overheard in the interval and few would disagree although there is plenty here to draw in audiences of both sexes. Writer David Hare wrote that
Romeo and Juliet (Tour - Milton Keynes)
By Editorial Staff · 4 Nov 2010
This was a sumptuous evening of technically flawless, visually exciting and emotionally compelling ballet. The combination of classical exactitude and contemporary flourish was thrilling, the ...
Punk Rock (Tour - Oxford)
By Simon Tavener · 4 Nov 2010
It is very difficult as a reviewer not to build up some preconceptions about shows you are about to review. I knew very little about Punk Rock before arriving at the theatre and will admit to ...
Calendar Girls (Tour - Oxford)
By Editorial Staff · 3 Nov 2010
After the success of the calendar itself and the film it inspired, there can be few who aren’t already familiar with the central premise of Calendar Girls,the ladies of the WI who bare al
The Royal Hunt of the Sun (Oxford)
By Simon Tavener · 29 Oct 2010
There is no doubting that The Royal Hunt of the Sun is an ambitious project for any company to undertake. The word ‘epic’ would seem appropriate. Credit has to go to the student team that ...
Stomp (Tour - Milton Keynes)
By Editorial Staff · 29 Oct 2010
With the energy of flamenco, the comedy of mime, and the sheer primal power of drumming Stomp is a theatrical event that is thrilling in every sense. This is a highly inventive, emotionally ...
Book 'Em: Cameron & Clegg Give RSC Recommendations???
By Editorial Staff · 28 Oct 2010
In the wake of swingeing arts cuts, does it qualify as consorting with the enemy? Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have taken the time to recommend their favourite ...