The King of Pop Starring Navi



There are several tribute shows to Michael Jackson currently performing around the world, but only ONE production will have you believing that just for a moment... The Legend Continues. This superb production stars ?Navi' who is officially recognised as the world's No.1 MJ impersonator. He is also the only tribute ever to be chosen by Michael Jackson himself. Michael selected Navi to perform at two of his birthday parties and actually gave him a standing ovation after one of his performances. Michael also invited Navi to spend a day at his home ?Neverland'. The pair remained close and due to Navi's uncanny resemblance to the star, he was often hired to act as Michael's decoy/body double. Navi has since continued to work at the highest level and has performed in a whopping 57 different countries. Along with his incredible live band and dancers, he is back in the UK for a national theatre tour that is set to raise the bar in the MJ tribute world. Don't miss this incredible show as Navi brilliantly recreates all the magical classics from the early Jackson 5 songs to mega hits such as Thriller and Smooth Criminal in a night out the whole family will enjoy.