The Ciggie Run

Opened 16 Oct 2013
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The Ciggie Run tells the tale of three blokes who plan a ciggie run to subsidise their income during the recession with hilarious consequences. Chrissie is doing his best to keep his creditors happy. Franna (Seed) is doing his best to keep his wife happy. Lash is doing his best to keep Lash happy. That is until a local gangster Fitzy (Bennett) discovers that his unmarried daughter Chanel is destined for a stroll around Mothercare. The culprit responsible for this deflowering, a young Cuban by the name of Fernando, is advised to seek refuge back in his motherland, el pronto. An ensuing flight then turns into hilarious comedy, as the lads fancy a trip to Cuba, whilst Fernando wishes to join them on the ‘Ciggie Run’.

Warning: This play contains adult content.