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The Perfect Murder (Tour - Mayflower Theatre, Southampton)
By David Jobson · 7 Feb 2014 · Southampton

Not so Perfect Murder, at the Mayflower, Southampton. A sluggish first act, but worth seeing for Les Dennis and a wacky second half

Salisbury announce third annual Theatre Fest West
By Kris Hallett · 6 Feb 2014 · Salisbury

Salisbury Playhouse announce the programme for Theatre Fest West, now in its third year

Past/Present/Future with Gaslight's Edward Dick
By Kris Hallett · 6 Feb 2014 · Salisbury

Past/Present/Future with Gaslight director Edward Dick ahead of the play's run at Salisbury Playhouse (6 February - 1 March 2014).

Blink (Salberg Studio, Salisbury - tour)
By David Jobson · 6 Feb 2014 · Salisbury

Blink is a beautiful and quirky play, given life by two adorable performances

Dean Chisnall stars in Shrek tour
By Editorial Staff · 3 Feb 2014 · Nationwide

The cast for Shrek's first tour of the UK and Ireland has been announced

Michael Coveney: Philip Seymour Hoffman, a troubled and unforgettable star of stage and screen
By Michael Coveney · 3 Feb 2014 · London

The actor, who's been found dead at the age of 46 from a suspected drug overdose, was a rare genius, says our chief critic

Barry Humphries Farewell Tour - Eat, Pray, Laugh! (Southampton - tour)
By Veronica Crowley · 29 Jan 2014 · Southampton

Humphries Farewell Tour rides in to Southampton, and the comic genius of the grand "Dame" shines.