Jamboree: A Hungry Heart Venue and Location

Pegasus Theatre
Magdalen Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 1RE

Pegasus Theatre

Magdalen Road Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 1RE


Morgan & West - A (sort of) Christmas Carol Magic Show!
Puppets Go Wild - The Abominable Snowman
The Parachute
Bawren Tavaziva - Izindava
Seven for a Secret
Radiant Vermin
Puppets Go Wild: Macamu
Under My Skin
Jack and the Beans Talk
Moving with the Times
Body Politic - Reflections
James Wilton Dance - Leviathan
Lion Dance - Chinese new Year Festival Show
Big Howard's LOL-tastic Yuckfest for Kids and Well Trained Adults
Puppets Go Wild - The Treetop Restaurant
Dance Scratch Night
The Thing That Came from Over There
Baby Boogie
Once Upon a Snowflake
Baby Boogie
An Elephant in the Garden
Puppets Go Wild: Peanut Butter Pirates
Play the World
Wiggle Dance Theatre - The Colour of Me
Night Light
Pond Wife
Mark Thomas - Red Shed - Work in Progress
Daniel Bye - Going Viral
Robert Newman - The Brain Show
Lord of the Flies
Into the West
With a Little Bit of Luck
Stones in his Pockets
Oxford Youth Dance - Bee Day
Best of BE Festival - #sobrejulieta/Quintetto/The Whistle
Experiential Dance - Bridging the Void
Little Howard's Big Show
Eye of the Beholder - Nature/Nurture and The Sound of Secrecy
Avant Garde Dance - The Black Album
Moving with the Times
Pegasus Youth Showcase
i know all the secrets in my world
A Christmas Carol
Company Chameleon - Beauty of the Beast
Maayan - The Colours of Krishna
On The Edge
Once Upon a Snowflake
Francesca Millican-Slater - Forensics of a Flat
Joe Lott Dance - Tales from Space
Sean Hughes - Mumbo Jumbo
Festival of Shorts
Hurricane Boy
Tavaziva Dance Company - Africarmen
Corey Baker Dance - Kapa Haka Tale
My Father and Other Superheroes
Second Hand Dance - Grass
Electric Dreams
Euton Daley - Politics of Love
Every Brilliant Thing
Rise Up
Me and My Cat
Mark Thomas - Trepass: An Edinburgh Fringe Preview Show
48 Minutes for Palestine
Gaza Monologues
Comedy Club 4 Kids
Black Screen: Selma
James Wilton Dance - Last Man Standing
Funday Sunday - Puppets Go Wild - The Grow Show
Lorraine & Alan
Sammy and the Snow Leopard
Warzone - & The Power Within
The Power Within
The Honey Man
Dance Scratch Night
Once In a Blue Moon
The Snow Queen
The Princess and the Pea
Oxford Youth Dance iDownside Up!
Hopelessly Devoted
Musical Rumpus Bach Babies
Funday Sunday Puppets go Wild - Abominable Snowman
Run This Town
The Shop of Little Horrors
Around the World in Eighty Days
Festival of Shorts
Macbeth - Blood Will Have Blood
Strictly Balti
Funday Sunday Puppets Go Wild - Funky Monkey
The Muddy Choir
The Pearl
My Name Is...
South Pacific
Mesh - Oxford Youth Arts International
Jamboree: One City, Many Voices
A Girl with a Book
Fame - the Musical
The Price of Everything
Rock Pool
They've Got Something
Stories for Survival
Inspired - Creativity, Culture and Story
Writing Mesopotamia
Oxford Youth Dance Just in Time
Body Politic Presents Candoco Dance Company - Parasol and Guests
Tavaziva Dance Company Tavaziva Ten
Joe Lott Dance Alpha/Tender
Funday Sunday Baby Boogie
Moving with the Times
Anna Karenina
The Dreams of Philomina
First Stage: Pigeon A Work in Progress Showing
Tale Trail
Tac Au Tac Dance Theatre The Storm
Whose Crown is it Anyway?
Kala Arpan Margam
First Stage: Dance Scratch
I'm an Aristocrat - Get Me Out of Here
I'm an Aristocrat - Get Me Out of Here
Messy Jam Christmas Showcase
Company Chameleon Eden/Pictures We Make
Cymbeline: Loves Reasons Without Reason
Mark Thomas 100 Acts of Minor Dissent
The Big Music Weekender
Twelve Miles from Nowhere
First Stage: Theatre Scratch
Pride and Prejudice
Food for Thought
A Festival of Shorts
Earthfall Chelsea Hotel
A Strange Wild Song
Francesca Martinez and Jen Brister
Justice in Motion Bound
The Grumpiest Boy in the World
Exuberant Oxford! 10th Anniversary Fundraising Gala Showcase
Body Politic The Sequel
Guys and Dolls
Jamboree: A Hungry Heart
From Where I'm Standing
Whose Crown is it Anyway?
Leonardo da Vinci's Magical Time-Travelling Circus
Cinderella Green The Recycling Queen