Stroke of Luck

Opened 29 Jan 2014
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Shortly after the death of his wife, Lester Riley, an invalid who has suffered a premature stroke, announces to his three estranged middle-aged children that he is getting married again - to his young, sexy Japanese nurse. They are also shocked to learn that Lester has saved an enormous amount of money from his secret life as the exclusive television and radio repairman to a Long Island mob family. To stop the nurse from getting this surprise inheritance they must stop the marriage. They try every trick in the book: legal, religious, intimidation, psychological, and, in the case of one son, criminal. But they fail; or do they? Lester, it seems, has a few tricks up his own sleeve. Stroke of Luck is a dark comedy that explores the themes of greed and guilt, how to reunite families that have been driven apart, and how debilitating physical ailments do not necessarily mean diminished mental faculties.

World Premiere



Stroke of Luck (Park Theatre) - 3 Feb 2014

20 Questions with... Tim Pigott-Smith - 31 Jan 2014

Casting announced for Stroke Of Luck at Park Theatre - 6 Jan 2014

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