Pants on Fire's Pinocchio

Opened 15 Jul 2013
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Based on the original 1880 novel, Pants on Fire's Pinocchio is set in the world of a 1950s sci-fi horror B-movie with a dubstep 'barbershop' mash-up soundtrack. All traces of the Disney film are obliterated in this gloriously dark account of the marionette with behavioural problems. Celebrating 1950s popular culture, Pants on Fire's Pinocchio features advert breaks and live monochrome films, including a guest appearance from Muffin the Mule. Muffin was a regular feature on British TV screens in the 1950s, starring alongside actress Annette Mills. The original 1933 puppet has now come out of retirement to film with Pants on Fire.

Running time: 75mins