If Only Shahrukh Khan

Opened 27 Nov 2013
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3 spinsters, 1 superstar and a young Kenyan looking for his mother. Join the Shahrukh Khan fan club and prepare for a bumpy ride. The international superstar Shahrukh Khan means different things to three Asian women, Rose, Pindy and Kasi who have shared a house for 25 years. In the interim years there might have been friendships, adventures, lost loves and limited work lives but now in their older years there is a strong sense that their best lives were left behind in their homeland, Kenya, along with their secrets. The fan club is their only joy and escape. Until Opiyo, a young Kenyan man, appears at their doorstep, looking for his biological mother. Can the women somehow make peace with the past... if only Shahrukh Khan?