Absent Friends

Opened 29 May 2013
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The play is about Diane, who is unhappily married to Paul, a bullish control freak. She throws a tea party for one of their old friends, Colin, whose fiancée has recently died, and invites her daffy best friend Marge. Whilst one of the significant absences onstage is straightforwardly humorous - as Marge takes a series of telephone calls from her husband, who manages to suffer endless misfortunes even when confined to his bed - the tone is primarily set by Colin's rhapsodising about his recently deceased fiancée. Into this come John, his new wife Evelyn and their baby Wayne. Stage by stage things start to go wrong and ultimately Diana loses it and has a breakdown both on and off stage. In true farce style she leaves a trail of wreckage behind her, both physical and emotional.