WAG! The Musical

Opened 18 Jul 2013
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Set in an imaginary 'Mega Store', 'Any Town we join Jenny and Sharron, two single mums who work for commission on the cosmetics counter of this busy city centre departmental haven. Daily they encounter the widest range of customers from the bumbling plain Jane (convinced the make-up ladies can transform her into an irresistible beauty), the incontinent widowed pensioner (looking for company); to our all conquering team of WAGs straight out of 'Hello', 'OK!'; and 'The People's Friend'! Add to the mix an assorted mob of adulterous males, lies, and fading hopes of any lasting happiness ... all lorded over by an 'Acidic Queen'.


Tim Flavin leads cast of WAG! The Musical at Charing Cross - 22 Apr 2013

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