The Tempest



In large part I agree with the review; the opening scene was certainly inaudible, and there isn't an awful lot of unsettling darkness to be had. Nevertheless I enjoyed it; played for laughs it may be, but it seemed to me a valid and interesting reading of a play which too often is treated with a po-faced reverence. Not a definitive Tempest, but I'm glad I went

I loved this production. Colin Morgan's Ariel and Roger Allam's Prospero give it a beautiful magic and powerful tenderness. The whole play is very enjoyable.

I suppose you could call the globes latest offering an enjoyable romp. Herrins island is a fun loving one, filled with music and puppets and for the most part is a great place to spend a couple, or three, hours. What is missing from this production is any sense of danger and the darkness that lurks beneath prosperos rule. Without this the play tended to drag and sag ever so slightly. Saying that however Roger Allam proves yet again that he is one of our best actors currently on the stage, and as ever at the globe it got the crowd going.