The Square Egg

Opened 3 Jul 2013
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"Never such innocence again" An Improvised Comedy with a handful of Actors. Set on the Western Front of the Great War and in the houses of the aristocracy, stories are told and a better time imagined. The stories are absurd, vitriolic and often satirical: An ox trapped in a drawing room; the abduction of a cabinet minister's wife; the murder of a talking cat; wolves appearing to celebrate the death of an elderly governess; rare buzzards shot by accident at a weekend shooting party; a child's brutal savaging by a wolf as a reward for her good behaviour. These stories are used as a comfort blanket to remember a more secure and ordered existence; but they also expose the hypocrisy, nepotism, and institutionalised cruelty of a forgotten and idealised England. "The stage, with all its efforts, can never be as artificial as life."

John Gielgud Theatre