The Moment of Truth

Opened 26 Jun 2013
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A republic is poised to fall. The only remaining members of an unpopular government are its cynical Prime Minister and a na?ve, emotional Foreign Secretary. The invading army has it's boots upon the soil of this crumbling nation. Inside the cabinet office, toy soldiers and old icons of military glory veil the realities of war and bloodshed. Death, in a moment of truth was never so real.

In its first professional staging since an acclaimed 1951 premiere, Peter Ustinov's largely forgotten play is about the mechanics of toppling governments, the pretences of war and the power of propaganda. The recent Arab spring that has swept up North Africa and the Middle East has powered the propaganda machines of domestic and foreign nations, sparking revolutions and toppling governments. As a military dictatorship rages with rhetoric and uprisings continue to gather pace, there couldn't be a more timely revival for The Moment of Truth.

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