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In a South London wrestling ring, Tanzi and her love interest, Dean Rebel, have more than just their titles to fight for when they're pitted against each other for the ?fight of the decade'. Following Tanzi's life from the moment she was born until she falls in love, discovers the realities of the wrestling world and invents her signature move, the deadly Venus Flytrap, Tanzi Libre is a touching and thrilling story, that takes place within a full-size professional wrestling ring complete with live DJ and an all-singing, all-wrestling cast.

The title of the play changes depending on where it is performed. This production is called Tanzi Libre because it will incorporate the popular Mexican Lucha libre style of wrestling. Artistic Director Ellie Jones return to the theatre to direct an updated version of Claire Luckham's play Trafford Tanzi, re-titled Tanzi Libre. Running time: 90mins with an interval.

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Tanzi Libre

By Editorial Staff
22 May 2013
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Tanzi Libre - 22 May 2013

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