Still Life/Red Peppers

Opened 30 Jul 2013
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Still Life - the play that became Brief Encounter is a true classic. Set in 'Milfor Junction' railway station, housewife Laura Jesson meets the handsome Dr Alec Harvey when he helps remove a piece of grit that has lodged in her eye. What starts as an innocent relationship soon develops into something deeper and more passionate. Part whirlwind romance, part searing tragedy, Still Life draws attention to the stifl ing conventions of British society in the 1930s. Red Peppers is a vaudeville satire about George and Lily Pepper, a pair of acid-tongued music hall artists who are on their way back down the ladder of success. The argumentative couple are still flogging their act long past its sell-by date and, in the dressing room between musical numbers, enjoy a love-hate relationship in one of Coward's wittiest short plays.