Songs for the End of the World

Opened 2 Aug 2013
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It's the near future, or maybe it's the 1950's, definitely one of the two, and the little English town of Ashcomb is about to get blown to smithereens in a cataclysmic apocalyptic meltdown of unknown proportions. Musician/theatre maker Dom Coyote (Kneehigh) and a room full of fantastic artists are about to delve into this bizarre world of 1950's B-movies, rock n roll, skittle, 70's synths, homemade instruments, old news reels and epic storytelling. Inspired by Philip K Dick's classic novel Dr. Bloodmoney, the star-gazing world of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and classic 1950s sci-fi movies, this is a Scratch not to be missed....Oh, and there's a big communal kazoo playing bit in it too.

Running time: 30mins