Short Cuts Taking Liberties/Last Man in Watford/A Life Changing Experience/Wooky Lake

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"Short Cuts festival is set to become one of the most innovative ways to introduce new writers as well as become a blueprint for how the arts can survive the cuts." - The New Current

Following on from March's sell out 5 night run of Short Cuts 3: A Box of Tricks, Sibling Productions return with their fourth short play festival Short Cuts 4: Metamorphosis, which is all about - yes, you guessed it - Metamorphosis.And this time we have 7 nights of entertainment for you! Taking Liberties - Dublin shysters Tom and Malone wake up in a cold cell after a night of crime. But when faced with their unusual cellmate Rachael, they realise their nightmare is only just beginning. Last Man in Watford - In a dystopian future,Adam is the last man on earth, residing in a zoo with just his keeper and a blow up doll for company.That is until he gets a glimpse of Lucy... A Life Changing Experience - Gareth is unhappy with his life. Overweight, unsuccessful and lonely he decides to take action.And get a refund on hisvery existence. Can Ashley and Janice provide customer service? Wooky Lake - Three seemingly normal kids have been sent on a summer camp to the mysterious Lake Wooky. Upon arrival, their lives suddenly become dependant upon the nature of who they really are...