Richard III Venue and Location

Cockpit Theatre
Gateforth Street, Inner London, Greater London NW8 8EH

Cockpit Theatre

Gateforth Street Inner London, Greater London NW8 8EH


Opened 29 Oct 2017. Closing 22 Apr 2018

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Opened 6 Jan 2018. Closing 13 May 2018

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1914 Machine
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White Ted and the Right to Die
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The Adventures of TaTa-main in - A Night of Bananas
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Jazz in the Round
Jazz in the Round
Jazz in the Round
Robert Pereno's Dramatic Saturday Matinee!
Robert Pereno's Dramatic Saturday Matinee!
Cat Among the Pigeons
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Rough for Opera The Equivocal Harriet Bowdler/The Doll Behind the Curtain/Sideshows
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Titus Andronicus
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Robert Pereno's Dramatic Saturday Matinee!
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Theatre in the Pound
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Economics Burlesque
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Richard III
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In Excelsis A Personal History of Glam Rock
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Rough for Opera The Island/Possession (working title)/Zoe Trope
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Kingdom of Fire and Clay (Iran vs Israel)
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Mapping Beckett Shakespeare (Jan 19)/Yeats (Feb 23)/Letters (Mar 16)/Kafka (Apr 13)/Chekov (May 11)/Montaigne (Jun 8)/Joyce (Jul 13)
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Healing Waters
Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company SAYAW (Dance)
Thor of the Common Man
Kathak Dance Showcase
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Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts Postgraduate Directors' Season: Very Pleasant Sensations/White Rose
Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts Postgraduate Directors' Season: A Butcher of Distinction/The Freedom of the City
Descent & Tom Rosenthal
Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts Postgraduate Directors' Season: Cafe Nation/Master Harold...And the Boys
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