London Wall



how is this receiving such good reviews are you mad??? The story line is dated and offensive to women. Acting is lumpy. The lead Maia Alexander is as wet as a fish. Absolutely appalling.

Very disappointing. Some good performances but sluggish direction.

The sets, cast and writing provide for an entertaining evening. Alix Dunmore's portrayal of Miss Janus really satnds out

After seeing the show last week I have to heartily disagree with this review! No wigs in sight, the writing is expertly crafted and the cast are sublilme. Special mention for me has to go to Timothy O'Hara (who I saw put in an extraordinary performance at The Lyric Chair plays last year) playing Hec Hammond who has the whole audience hooting with laughter. A must see show.

I was pleasantly surprised by the delight of seeing "London Wall". Some really good performances, especially Alix Dumore - she stood out amongst the talented cast. Was good to see, ex-hollyoak Craig Vye on stage but needs some work on the London accent. Worth a visit.

An interesting observation, in the initial paragraghs; this show contains no wigs whatsoever. Despite that, a fabulous show, not to be missed

Sat behind the ever grumpy looking Michael Coveney at the Saturday matinee - he is wrong yet again [he was unbelievably off in his evaluation of 'Mack and Mabel' at Southwark Playhouse last year and seems to be making a habit of undervaluing delicious productions] This is a really beautiful production, full of incredible design and exquisite performances - go and see it if you get the chance - you will have a marvellous time!

A slight play but fun; great ensemble playing & a grandstand perf from Marty Cruikshank; a clever set; really worth a trip.

Tack sharp writing, drum tight direction, clever set, and first rate performances - A truly memorable production at a loverly theatre

Whatsonstage's original 5-star review was rather more on the button than Coveney's carping. The play is beautiful and the acting is amazing.

Throughly enjoyed this show. Perfectly pitched acting by the cast on a sumptuous set. Had me laughing and crying. A must see!

Excellent performance by all the cast - catch this show while you can!

A riveting production, immaculately performed by a top notch ensemble. Highly recommended.