Bash Iphigenia in Orem/A Gaggle of Saints/Media Redux

Opened 18 Mar 2014
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Ever had a secret? Here are first and last confessions from Salt Lake City. Bash is a dark chain of three short one-act plays depicting the not-so-guilty secrets of a trinity of average Americans. The corpses of a baby, a son and a lynched homosexual need explaining, and in this trilogy's intimate conversations with college sweethearts and Vegas salesmen, we get the gospel truth.

Iphigenia in Orem - a businessman from utah divulges a chilling crime to a stranger in a las vegas hotel room. A Gaggle of Saints - a young mormon couple each describe their version of events of a night in new york city. Medea Redux - a woman recounts her intricate relationship with her junior high-school english teacher. Together, they paint a vivid picture of the evils found in everyday life.


Bash: Latterday Plays (The Old Red Lion Theatre) - 21 Mar 2014

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