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Opening: Fela!, Menagerie & Almeida Builder
By Editorial Staff · 15 Nov 2010
Amongst the major London openings, in the West End and further afield, this week are: OPENING TONIGHT, Monday 15 November 2010 (previews from 12 November), Inside, Philip Osment’s p
By Michael Coveney · 15 Nov 2010
In two cycles of three half-hour plays each, the Clean Break company, which works with women affected by, and working in, prisons, has occupied the Soho from top to bottom: two plays in the upper ...
Brief Encounter With ... The Money Conversation's Sara Juli
By Nancy Groves Theatergoer Reporter · 12 Nov 2010
Chelsea Theatre's annual Sacred season has become a go-to showcase for new developments in international performance art. Following last year's collaboration with brut in Vienna, the theatre has now
Bush Secures 125-year Future at Library Home
By Terri Paddock · 12 Nov 2010
New writing powerhouse the Bush Theatre has secured its long-term future via a new home around the corner from the room-above-a-pub where it has been based, and launched myriad playwriting careers, ...
By Laura Norman · 12 Nov 2010
Vampires have recently come back into the light of public fashion - whether it’s the sparkling of Twilight’s Edward Cullen or the brooding devotion of True Blood’s Bill
By Editorial Staff · 12 Nov 2010
Bloodline takes as its starting point the English Wars of Religion, and the restrictions placed upon Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots by her Protestant cousin Elizabeth I. Mary is held in gentee
The White Devil
By Editorial Staff · 12 Nov 2010
The White Devil is set in Padua and charts the love and intrigue between Duke Bracciano and  Vittoria, whose impoverished family and hails from Venice (a byword in English Renaissance thea
By Editorial Staff · 12 Nov 2010
In the dark before the curtains are raised the soothing voice of Sophocles tells us that we are to prepare ourselves for some poetry; it will be hard, but all we need to do to enjoy it, is to ‘a
By Editorial Staff · 12 Nov 2010
Atrium is one of three shows in the current Belt Up season at the Southwark Playhouse, and one which unfortunately flags up some of the company's weaknesses. Although admirable to present so ...
Lorca is Dead - or a Brief History of Surrealism
By Editorial Staff · 12 Nov 2010
Lorca is Dead is a bizarre immersive romp through the history of surrealism, guided by some of its best known characters, including Salvador Dali, Paul Eluard and Andre Breton. The story ...