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Bright Lights Big Musical Receives UK Premiere
By Terri Paddock · 29 Oct 2010 · West End, Off-West End
The musical version of Jay McInerney’s cult classic 1984 novel Bright Lights, Big City will receive its UK professional premiere next month at Hoxton Hall, where it runs from 8 to 25 Nove
The Two-Character Play
By Editorial Staff · 29 Oct 2010 · Off-West End
This darkly disturbing play, with elements of black comedy, is a deeply satisfying, totally engaging and enjoyable piece of theatre that shows off just how powerful and provocative Fringe theatre can ...
Absent Friends
By Editorial Staff · 29 Oct 2010 · Off-West End
Alan Ayckbourn's Absent Friends is very much a product of its time. Written and set in the 1970s, it gives an intimate and excruciating view of what happens when a group of old friends spend ...
The Cave
By Editorial Staff · 28 Oct 2010 · Off-West End
Mervyn Peake’s theatrical ambitions failed to reach fruition in his lifetime. The numerous plays which he wrote generally went unproduced, and often unseen. The Cave was only published in
Reasons to be Cheerful
By Editorial Staff · 28 Oct 2010 · West End, Off-West End
With vigorous renditions of the songs of Ian Dury, an adept cast and Gaelle Mellis' busy, bright set design, there are many reasons to be cheerful about this new musical if you're a Blockheads fan - ...
Five Reasons To See ... Bright Star
By Editorial Staff · 28 Oct 2010 · Off-West End
Bright Star captures the life story of Beatrice Tinsley, a New Zealand astronomer whose work has profoundly influenced our understanding of the universe. An astrophysicist, wife and gifted ...
The Thrill of it All
By Editorial Staff · 27 Oct 2010 · Off-West End
It's difficult to judge the success of a production that aims to be bad. The Thrill of it All, a new work from the controversial group Forced Entertainment, does just that. The audience is ...
By Editorial Staff · 27 Oct 2010 · West End, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Off-West End
Midsummer is the shortest night of the year, but the show Midsummer has demonstrated surprising longevity. First performed at Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre in October 2008 and a big hit at t
Opening: Bud, Weep, Married, Blasted & Merrily
By Editorial Staff · 25 Oct 2010 · West End, Off-West End
Amongst the major London openings, in the West End and further afield, this week are: OPENING MONDAY, 25 October 2010 (previews from 21 October), Brett Neveu’s new play Red Bud, set at
The Charming Man
By Andrew Girvan · 25 Oct 2010 · Off-West End
Set in a near future where a newly draconian Green party, membership swelled by what the coalition Government have inflicted on the country, have become a credible political threat - mainly due to ...