Abbey Theatre and Arts Centre
Pool Bank Street
Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 5DB


The NAC is run by volunteers, and plays host to a wide variety of local theatre companies. Performances can range from musicals to panto, G & S to Rock Concerts, straight plays to informal bar performances. Follow link to website and more details of productions, venue and local clubs. Stage: Prosc arch opening 25 ft, 18 ft depth approx 14 ft visible height. 3 roll-cloth barrels up stage. Main tabs plus 2 intermediate and one rear tab track (first int tabs on line). Lighting: Control - Lightboard M (72 fader, 102 dimmers). Lanterns - Mainly Strand Cantata, Prelude, Coda, P264, P223, P23. Sound: Control - Soundcraft Delta 12 mono 4 stereo into 4 subs + master o/p into 400w p/c main amp driving JBL l/s. Mic's - mainly Shure hand mics & Crown PCC 160 plate mics.