Tim Crouch

Royal Court's Adler & Gibb splits critics

Tim Crouch's latest work, running at the Royal Court until 5 July, proves divisive

Catherine Love: In praise of confusion

There's always a place for carefully crafted narrative, but why are we so keen for theatre to make sense all the time?

Adler & Gibb (Royal Court)

Tim Crouch's latest play is a slow burning exploration of art and appropriation

Catherine Love: The specifics of site

As site-specific theatre becomes ever more ubiqutious, perhaps it is time to question what the label really means

Royal Court confirms cast for Adler & Gibb, Nick Payne performs Art of Dying
By Jay Julier

Tim Crouch's new play premieres at the Royal Court in June

Catherine Love: Why all the walkouts?

If audiences are walking out of shows more often, as has been suggested recently, perhaps we should be asking why

Simon Stephens, Andrew Scott and Russell Tovey return to Royal Court next year

Rock stars and footballers will be in the spotlight of Vicky Featherstone's newly announced season