Three Minute Theatre

LIoyd Eyre-Morgan's Beyond the Park set for Three Minute Theatre, 17 July
Following Celluloid and Dream On, the young writer brings a new LGBT story to the stage.
Tuesdays at Tescos (Three Minute Theatre, Manchester)
By David Cunnngham
The play is good, but the film preceding it is unnecessary, says David Cunningham.
Before Juliet (Manchester)
By David Cunningham
Dave Cunningham likes Before Juliet's vision but wishes it truly knew what it was
Should the Bard's work get updated?
By Craig Hepworth
Craig Hepworth looks at how updating the works of Shakespeare is beneficial for the audience.
Desperate Measures (Manchester)
Dave Cunningham is impressed by this flawed but credible update of Measure for Measure at the Three Minute Theatre
Five Reasons To See ... Desperate Measures
Desperate Measures is produced by The Manchester Shakespeare Company at The Three Minute Theatre in Manchester, later this month. We asked Hannah Ellis for her five reasons why you should go along.
Someone Borrowed; Someone's Blue
Geoff Hodge reviews this new musical, which is part of Manchester Pride Fringe
Five Reasons To See... Someone Borrowed; Someone's Blue
Actor Dale Vickers gives you five reasons why you should see this new musical in Manchester
Temper (Manchester 24:7 Festival)
Temper playing as part of the 24/7 festival is a hard one to pin down, on hand the show was perfectly entertaining but on the other hand for a show that was dealing with mental issues ...
No Soft Option (24:7 Theatre Festival - Manchester)
Craig Hepworth says that this new production promises a great deal but does not deliver.