This May Hurt a Bit

This May Hurt A Bit (St James Theatre)
Out of Joint take on the divisive issue of the NHS in their latest show
This May Hurt a Bit (Bristol Old Vic)
By John Campbell
Stella Feelhiy's passionate new play is a defence of the National Health Service, a portrait of an organisation in crisis and a warning of what might happen if the British public remain as quiescent as they are at the moment.
This May Hurt a Bit (Tour - Bury St Edmunds)
As agit-prop theatre goes, Max Stafford-Clark's production of Stella Feehily's "This May Hurt a Bit" must surely rank as one of the most stylish ever staged
Plays cast: Stephanie Cole in This May Hurt a Bit and Charity Wakefield in The Blackest Black
Coronation Street star Cole to appear in Out of Joint's new NHS play directed by Max Stafford-Clark.
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