The Lowry

The week in pictures: 6-13 May
Oprah, Imogen Doel and Cats make this week's picks
Peter Pan Goes Wrong (Tour - Salford)
By Carmel Thomason
Peter Pan Goes Wrong if you've see it go right, says Carmel Thomason.
Alex Bartram chats about Peter Pan Goes Wrong
The Lowry is hosting a Christmas production where going wrong is celebrated in the mould of Michael Frayn's Noises Off. We chat to actor, Alex Bartram to find out more.
Fascinating Aida - Charm Offensive (Tour - Salford)
By Richard Woodward
So good, you need to see it twice, says Richard Woodward of the trio's latest tour.
Transmissions (Lowry, Salford)
By Carmel Thomason
Transmissions is ambitious but is ultimately trying to do too much in the space of 60 minutes.
Henry IV Parts I & 11 (Tour - Salford)
By Richard Woodward
Richard Woodward is impressed with Henry IV Parts I and II.
Beauty of the Beast - Company Chameleon (The Lowry)
By Carmel Thomason
Carmel Thomason finds that Company Chameleon's Beauty of the Beast exceeds her expectations.
Salford set to STOMP 28 October
The dustbin lids and brooms are back for half term.
Pandora's Box (Tour - Salford)
By Sarah Bloomer
Sarah Bloomer reviews Pandora's Box at the Lowry.
Square Peg Theatre's Michael White chats about Icarus
Icarus has been developed with the Lowry and it opens next month and the co-founder of Square Peg fills us in.